While everyone was enjoying some quality family time this Easter Sunday, whether at home or over video calls, many homeowners in Nebraska had to duck for cover as hailstones, the size of gumballs, fell from the sky. The major hailstorm swept through parts of the state, leaving a trail of damaged homes, buildings, vehicles and properties in its wake.

Source: Nebraska News

Strong winds reaching up to 50Mph also rocked the city of Omaha. Some residents had their power cut due to major trees and branches falling on their power lines. A winter storm watch was also issued for the state, where people were warned that heavier snow bands were set to move into the state.

Hailstorms are no stranger in Nebraska, some areas, like Lincoln, Ne has experienced at least 14 instances of hail this year. According to researchers at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, the geography and topography of areas like Nebraska create the perfect environment for hailstorms like those we’ve seen this weekend. They note that 70% of Nebraska’s hailstorms occur from the months of May to July and that 30% occurs in June alone.

Source: Nebraska News

The hailstorm is part of a trail of severe weather conditions that have been sweeping through parts of the South this Easter Weekend. Places like Texas experienced some incredibly stormy weather, whereas, in Mississippi and Louisiana, tornadoes have swept through and caused what some have termed “catastrophic damage”.

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