Our roofing systems are in place to provide our homes with safe, dry shelter. It protects us from heavy rainfall, strong gusts of wind, and pretty much anything else that Mother Nature has to throw against us.

However, as solid and sturdy as our roofing systems may be, sometimes Mother Nature wins out. One of those times is during a hailstorm. When a hailstorm rolls into town, it’s capable of dropping baseball-sized chunks of hail, sometimes even bigger, onto your home and your rooftop. An ill-equipped home will suffer significant damage to things like your roofing system, siding, gutters, and your windows.

When considering a roofing material for your home, it’s essential to check for its impact rating. The impact rating will help you determine how resistant your roofing material is to things like significant hail fall, flying debris, and the like. The ratings range from Class 1, being the lowest impact-resistant material, to Class 4, being the highest impact-resistant material.


These are some of the best roofing materials for homes in areas that experience frequent hailstorms.


Rubber Roofing

Rubber is an excellent impact-resistant material. It, therefore, makes for an ideal roofing system for homes with frequent hailstorms. Thanks to its energy absorbing and dispersing nature, it is capable of being hit by chunks of hail without being damaged or disfigured. In addition, rubber roofing systems are often made up of 95% recycled material, making it a great roofing option for homeowners who are a little more environmentally conscious.


Metal Roofing

Metal roofing systems have one of the most premium weather-resistant features of all the roofing materials on the market. In addition, metal roofing’s exceptional durability makes them a perfect match against the forces of nature. When considering which metal material to go for, we would recommend steel as it is one of the harder metal materials than aluminum and copper, which are a lot softer.


Thick Roofing Deck

While investing in strong and sturdy roofing materials is great, we would recommend that you install a thick roof deck. So that should large chunks of hail damage your roofing materials, at least it won’t get through into the interior of your home.


For more information on the best roofing system for hail-prone areas, give Saafeld Roofing a call today!

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