Roofing Problems in Omaha

Omaha, Nebraska experiences hot and humid summers, with temperatures often peaking at 90 degrees. The cities warmer months range between May and September. For homeowners in Omaha, this hot and humid weather can affect your roof and worsen issues that have been unattended to.

Being a local Omaha roofing contractor, Saafeld Construction Roofing are familiar with all the kinds of problems that can result throughout the year. Below we share some of the common roofing problems experienced during the Omaha summer.

Overworked Gutters

Gutters should be monitored regardless of the seasons, but summer is the best time to assess leakages and damages to your gutters, and we recommend replacing them as soon as you identify any issues. It’s important to note that if this isn’t dealt with hastily, it can and will directly impact the health of your roof by contributing to water and debris build-up, which can become problematic. This threat is more serious with flat roofs, where the lack of incline means there is an added reliance on properly functioning gutters to avoid water build-up.

Algae and Moss Growth

Never underestimate the harm these seemingly harmless growths can cause. If left unchecked, moss and algae can spread to the point of damaging your roof’s structure and even the structure beneath. Professional roofers will be able to tell you when the growth has reached that point where intervention is required.

Continuing Leaks

Summer in Omaha is the perfect time to give all those leaks a thorough assessment. The dryer weather makes them easier to identify, and more importantly, easier to fix them up. It’s best to have these checked during the summer to assess all potential damage and advise on the best way forward, rather than addressing the problem in winter when it may be too late to repair.


The summertime is rife for all types of animals to find a new home – and your roof may just be the perfect dwelling. Birds, cats, and squirrels are perhaps the most common culprits, with a range of insects also finding the space ample breeding ground. While it may seem harmless, over time, they can present problems as their weight may impact your roof’s health. Best to contact your local wildlife experts or excavators (for insects) to have them safely removed.

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