If you’re at the point where you need to start thinking about new siding for your home, it can be hard to choose from all of the different styles and materials. Modern siding has so many options that it might feel downright daunting for any homeowner. But here are a few things we recommend considering before starting your next project.


Consider Your Budget

Start by coming up with a total budget for your project, which will dictate which options and materials to pursue. Figure out the total square footage of the area you need to have covered to get an idea of how much material you’ll need. The price of siding depends on the total square footage of materials needed, so you’ll multiply your square footage by the base price of your chosen material.


Choose a Material

Siding is a decision you have to make when it comes time for your house’s exterior overhaul. You can go with traditional vinyl, brick, or cedar – all of which are durable and versatile options that come at different price points depending on the material type you choose.

Each different type of siding material has advantages and disadvantages, so choose carefully. Brick is expensive, doesn’t have many customized options, but it does help insulate your home. Wood siding has a traditional, old-fashioned appeal but is costly and not as durable as vinyl or plaster.

If you want to have siding that lasts for a lifetime, it’s important to know your options. Most companies offer siding with an extended warranty option which will cost more but is worth the price when products have an exceptionally long lifespan. Find out what kind of product and warranty would work best for your home before making any decisions about choosing one over another.

Many people discount vinyl siding because they assume it doesn’t have as many options or won’t last as long as other materials. In recent years, vinyl siding industry innovations make vinyl the most popular choice on the market. Some brands now offer lifetime warranties, extra insulation, and a greater depth of color options than ever before.

Consult with your salesperson and consider the nature of your home’s climate to find a siding option that best suits you. Some options offer insulation while others are better for enhancing curb appeal, but all have their own advantages depending on which is more important to you as a homeowner. If you plan on selling your house sometime soon, some siding options will allow the transfer of warranties onto the new homeowner.


Factor in Timing

Finally, embarking on a new siding project is an involved process. The best time of the year to start on a new siding project is during the spring or fall, particularly if you’ve decided on vinyl siding. Vinyl is susceptible to cracking at colder temperatures or warping at warmer temperatures, so make sure your project is finished before the temperature changes too much.


If you have questions, please call one of our qualified sales personnel for a consultation. With years of experience in the field, we’re looking forward to helping answer any of your questions.

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