roofing materials popular in Omaha

Omaha experiences all four seasons, which necessitates the year-round waterproofing of residential homes. Whether that is to fight off the sweltering summer sun or sizeable snowfalls, the roofs of Omaha homeowners are tested continually. That is why so many homeowners in the area gravitate towards ultra-durable roofing materials.

A roof walks a fine line between practical protection and aesthetic curb appeal. Fortunately, you don’t have to sacrifice one to get the other. Nowadays there are several options that come with different advantages and downsides. Let’s explore some of the most popular roofing materials that Omaha homeowners use for their properties.

Asphalt Roofing

Asphalt shingles are everywhere. They are the single most popular type of roofing, primarily because they are the most affordable. When properly installed, the shingles will last anywhere from 12 to 20 years. They are a cost-effective option that provides decent overall protection.

Asphalt shingles are relatively light too, which makes them easy to install. Roofers require less specialized training, which means that they can install the shingles in as little as a day or two. Of course, asphalt shingles do not perform as well in extreme heat, rain, or humidity as our next two styles. 

Metal Roofing

While metal roofs are two to three times more expensive than asphalt options, they are one of the best investments an Omaha homeowner can make. Once installed, metal shingles require little maintenance, provide fireproofing, and are incredibly hard to dent or crack. Because they have stronger insulating properties, homeowners will also reap the benefits of lower energy bills during the summer and winter seasons.

Most importantly, metal shingles are infinitely better for the environment than asphalt. While 20 million pounds of asphalt shingles enter landfills around the country each year, metal ones are 100 percent recyclable. That means if and when you need a new metal shingle, the old one can be reused instead of throw in the dumpster.

Cedar Roofing

Cedar roofing is a popular option in the Omaha area. The shingles are known for their exceptional beauty and durability. Cedar provides a natural vibrancy to a home and ages well over time. Plus, the average cedar shingles last, on average, ten years longer than asphalt ones.

Cedar is a better natural insulator than asphalt too, providing double the insulation. That means homeowners can conserve heat and cooling energy more effectively. Of course, cedar isn’t perfect. It costs $450 to $900 per square installed as opposed to $80 to $100 for asphalt and requires regular maintenance to prevent mold, moss, and mildew growth.


Final Thoughts:

Omaha has a rich assortment of roof types. We didn’t even get to mention tiled and flat roofs, which make up a respectable piece of the local roofing demographic. Finding a roofing material that works for you depends on personal aesthetic preferences and budget. If you have any questions about what roofing materials or styles you should consider, feel free to contact Saalfeld Roofing’s experts at (402) 430-1554 today.

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